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The Banner Saga 2 review

The Banner Saga 2 review – The award-winning epic role-playing game continues with The Banner Saga 2 where The Banner Saga left off, in a world with left in grim darkness as the Dredge slowly overtake it. Cities and towns continue to crumble into chaos. Heroes still remain, as new ones grow more prominent, and again as before choose wisely as decisions have consequences and wise choices must be made when conversing with possible allies during intricately crafted dialogues. Turn-based strategy brings tactical challenge in hand-animated battle sequences.

Features and combat combat related changes
Continue your Saga – Make sure you complete the first game so you can import your saved game to Banner Saga 2 and keep your Characters, Items, Levels, Choices, and more carry forward straight in to Banner Saga 2.
Battlefield Objectives – not every battle is about killing the other side
Interactable Objectives – Interact with various objects on the battlefield
Storytelling via Battleboards – we’re going to use the battle boards and combat to help us show and tell more of the story
Balance – new levels, items, and skills as well as all of the previous content are being balanced again for better combat
The Horseborn – You’ll be introduced to a new race coming up from the southern parts of the world.
The World – The world of The Banner Saga expands with new Characters, new Threats, and more of the world to explore.

New Talents for Specialization
Each hero now can choose a specialized path, or talent, in each of the five attributes; strength, willpower, exertion, armor and break. These talents take Renown points to level it up. Each new level, for a total of three levels, brings more benefit. However be aware that once you chose a path, there is no going back. Heroes can now reach level 10, instead of their level 5 cap from Banner Saga. As you find new heroes that join your clan you will have to balance how you spend Renown even more given all of its uses. However, having some powerful heroes with upgraded Talents can turn the tide of some of the tougher battles. Finally as you increase in experience your hero can now have two classes that give you additional special attacks during battle

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